YouTube Compilation - Increasing Number of Transgender & Transvestite on Japanese TV 日本のテレビで増えるオネエたちのYouTubeビデオ

In my last year's blog post, "geitare - gay celeb," I introduced several gay celebrities who appear on Japanese TV. But this phenomenon has really become prevalent since early this year. In this August, I also wrote about the "Japanese TV show on trans-sexual and cross-dressing celebrities."


Anyhow, I found more YouTube video clips showing Japanese (and some International) accounts of transgender/transsexual and transvestite/cross-dresser. Some of them are not famous, but Matsuko Delux and Mitz Mangrove (both 'stage names') are indeed the celebrities in Japan. They are transvestites.

Mitz (on the left) and Matsuko (on the right)

A segment of a TV program below explains some differences between (manly) gay, transvestite, transgender (new half in Japanese), and the like. But there are no representations of manly gays! There're plenty of transsexual and transvestite on panelists, though. It's frustrating that Japanese TV programs are full of transgenders and transvestites, but no manly gays.

No matter how much they explain the comprehensive definition of LGBT genres, general public naturally link gays with such non-manly types because manly gays don't come out on TV literally and figuratively! That's why people in Japan call gays "oh neh eh (literally means an 'older sister' but refers to effeminate gays/transvestite/transsexual)." So "oh neh eh" shouldn't include manly gays but people use the term for any [L]GBT men.


いくら同性愛者の中で細かく分かれる定義を説明しても、スタジオに登場する人達が、どうしてもオネエっぽい人とか女性になりたいっていう性同一性障害の人だと、世間は男っぽいゲイはいない(=同性愛者の男性イコール女っぽい人)っていうイメージを刷り込んでると思う。だから、同性愛者のことを一括りに「オネエ」って呼ぶ人が多いでしょ。「ゲイ・タレント」じゃなくって、「オネエ系タレント」って。 愛着を込めて使ってる人がいるかもしんないけど、これって差別用語だと思う。

On the surface, it looks like a positive trend that more and more LGBT celebrities are focused in Japanese TV. That being said, the fact that predominantly transgender and transvestite people are featured could be a double-edged sword in that they are unintentionally creating a seedbed where manly gay men don't feel comfortable to come out. It might be manly gay men's problem of having inner homo-phobia which causes such negative responses to popular transgender and transvestite celebrities. Yet I'm afraid that the current situation is not so much contributing to encourage other gay men to come out in Japan...


The next clip showcases a trend that men (who are married or leading a straight life) go to a shop to discreetly enjoy cross-dressing and mingling with like-minded people.


More transvestites! Matsuko and Mitz are in this clip.

The below clip shows an account of transgender in Thailand. That country may be the most advanced when it comes to this subject.


The next Japanese show  is some special TV program featuring transgender celebrities in Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, and the UK. The one in the UK is a former military man who turned out to be a transgender policewoman. I much prefer him while in the military, though... Oh these clips are manually recorded while on a PC screen, so they are really bad quality and include comments of people who're watching them - but it's kind of fun to hear what they're saying. I feel like watching the show in their living room with them. :)


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